Thursday, March 26, 2009

Still pluggin' away

I am still working on the AVA charity pillow. As you can see I've made some progress. I can tell you though that never has fourteen inches seemed so far! The pillow looks good though. Nancy's idea of doing stripes in different stitches is proving to be a good one. I may have to re-name the pillow the "Stitch-of-the-Week" pillow since I have employed many of the same stitches. So far I've employed seventeen different stitches. The final total will probably be somewhere between 20 and 24.

My favorite stitches so far are: Triple Parisian, Diagonal Scotch and this long /short Gobelin pattern that was so easy but really effective. Some of stitches that I have used from the Stitch of the Week class include: Cashmere, Double Brick, Diamond Ray, Diagonal Mosaic, Horizontal Milanese, Hungarian and Knitting stitch.

I am hoping to get started on the the lettering Sunday. I've been working late into the night with the goal of finishing one section of stitches per day. Some days I am able to do so and other days not quite but I've definitely been consistent and relatively disciplined and that feels good. It will be good for me to actually finish a project for once. I've started so many and finished so few.

I plan to start basketweaving the letters in Splendor (silk) on Sunday and I am hoping to get the pillow to the finisher on April 1. Fingers crossed.

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