Sunday, April 5, 2009

AVA Pillow Finale

Well, here it is. The final entry related to the AVA pillow. I finished the pillow on Thursday and Lisa Johnson picked it up to do the finishing. She had to block the stitched canvas as it width expanded and contracted according to the different stitches.

I used a total of 24 stitches. In order of appearance, they were: 1. Double Stitch 2.) Cashmere 3.) Diamond Ray 4. Gobelin Horizontal 5. Diagonal Mosaic 6. Gobelin Bars, Alternating 7. Basic Long Diagonal Stitch 8. Hungarian 9. Nobuko 10. Double Brick 11. Triple Parisian, Diagonal Variation 12. Knot Stitch 13. Diagonal Scotch 14. Gobelin Horizontal Bars with Elongated Cashmere 15. Diagonal Straight Gobelin 16. Vertical Milanese 17. Knit Stitch 18. Crossed Gobelin Bars 19. Double Straight Cross Stitch 20. Byzantine 21. Double Nobuko 22. Corduroy 23. Basketweave 24. Satin stitch

Lisa dropped the finished pillow off at the store on Saturday afternoon and she did an amazing job. She found a great fringe and she framed the front of the pillow with a cording made from the blue velvet backing. It looked fantastic.

Russell and I had a fun evening at the gala. It was at the new Please Touch Museum in Memorial Hall (Fairmount Park). Here we are riding the wonderful carousel that they have.

The auction went well. Our pillow sold for a lot of money -- to us! Here it is at it's new home! It looks pretty much like the old home!


  1. Lovely new site! Best of luck with your new store!

  2. My sons go to a school that always has AMAZING school-related needlepoint at every auction. Pillows, key fobs, bricks and backgammon boards all with the school logo. The pillows usually bring in about $2000 per. The backgammon set last year brought $4500! But they are usually bought back by the stitchers!

  3. Hi Stephen, beautiful work on the pillow! I am sure it was well received. Both you & Russell sure look like you're enjoying the needed a break after all that stitching! Happy Easter! Denise