Thursday, August 20, 2009

Needlepoint Plaids

We had a great class last night if I do say so myself. It was on needlepoint plaids. What fun! It's an easy way to enhance any needlepoint project (as an article of clothing, background or border) or even as a stand-alone project (pillow, bench cover, footstool, chair seat). We learned about the difference between tartan and plaid, what a "sett" is and how to create a needlepoint plaid based on your birth date or some other date of personal significance. The plaid in the photograph is based on my birthday which is February 19 (2-19-?? You can guess the year based on the photo!) It has two rows of a color, followed by one row, then nine rows and so on. The colors were just what happened to be in the instruction basket but they worked out rather well I think.

We'll be offering the plaiding class in the future -- so look for it. We may even feature it as an instruction video to be hosted on YouTube and linked to from our Web site. More about that initiative in the future. Lots of stuff cookin' here at RNp.

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