Saturday, June 18, 2011

Pig Class *Done!*

After 12 long months the pig class is done! This past sunday, June 12th, marked the final class, and all of the participants were relieved! Rosebud, as she is called by Whimsy and Grace, the designer, is made up of 33 pieces. There were a total of 12 classes, and 24 hours of class time (not to mention all of the time the students spent stitching at home completing each piece!)

Each class focused on at least one canvas with different body parts on it. For
instance, in class five, they focused on the stomach, which was split into two parts, the right and the left. For threads, they used Kreinik Metallic Braid, Threadworx Overdyed floss, DMC Metallic, Perle cotton, silk serica, petite Very Velvet, DMC Embroidery Floss, Leah's Overdyed floss, Soie d'Alger, and Frost Rays. One of the stitches they used was the Criss Cross Hungarian stitch. This was definitely a class for advanced and adventurous stitchers, but while it was challenging, that was part of the fun. You got to learn many new stitches, how different threads looked stitched up, and how they work.

Stephen was the instructor for this class, and by default was the first one to complete his project. We just sent it to the finisher, and are looking forward to seeing "Ima Hog" stitched up! (as part of the class, you got to rename your pig to suit your own taste, and Ima was Stephen's. :)) I don't think Stephen will be choosing such a large and intense project for a while, but this class was definitely a lot of fun! See the picture below for a photo of the students and Stephen revelling in their last class! So much fun! :)

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