Saturday, February 18, 2012

Needlepoint Ring

Needlepoint Ring. 
from start to finish
Add some fun colors to your wardrobe this spring!
Supply List:
13 Mesh Needlepoint Canvas 
Ring Blank in Gunmetal 
Orange Thread (to match DMC)
Small Beading Needle


Stitch a 1" x 1" square (for 13 Mesh this will be 13 x 13 rows) out of Gloriana. I also taped the edges of my canvas so it wouldn't fray, but it's not necessary. See our podcast on YouTube for stitching help.

 Next, I added a few french knots in the DMC and then covered those knots in seed beads. I attached the beads with the matching thread. 

Cut your needlepoint leaving approximately 5 rows all around. Then cut each corner on the diagonal making sure you do not cut any of the needlepoint.

 Dab a small amount of glue on the back of your needlepoint and fold under all four edges.

 Let dry for a few minutes. 

 Add glue to the ring blank.
Use just enough to coat the bottom.

 The needlepoint should fit snugly into the ring.
Press in edges making sure no white canvas is showing.

Let dry and enjoy your new instant accessory!

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