Friday, December 7, 2012

Eyeglass Cases!

A great gift idea are Eyeglass cases! They're small projects that don't necessarily take a lot of time to complete, and they're relatively simple to finish! There are so many different motifs you can choose too.

This Heart Geometric Eyeglass Case by Elizabeth Turner is really bright and colorful. It would be great for someone who enjoys girlier canvases. It would also be fun to stitch because you could definitly try special threads or stitches. Some possible thread choices could be Threadworx Overdyed Floss, Mandarine Floss, Silk Opal, or Pepper Pot Silk.

For someone who's a little more conservative this Apple Blossom case by Silver Needle would be a perfect pick. Impressions is a lovely thread to use on 18 mesh canvases and comes in a wide array of lush colors. If you don't mind stranding your thread, Planet Earth's 6 ply silk is really pretty too.

For a vintage look, this Anemones Eyeglass Case by Whimsy and Grace is a funky choice. Vineyard Silk has a huge line, and the colors are all really saturated. Soie D'alger is a similar thread, except that it is strandable. Combined with the shiny quality of silk both of these threads would be a nice choice to stitch this eyeglass case with.

One of my favorite Eyeglass cases is this Cat case by Barbara Russell. Barbara has painted the cat really well, and it has just enough detail in the cat and the sofa to really keep a stitcher interested while stitching, not to mention how nice it will look when finished. Try using something a little fuzzy for the fur. Petite Peluche would work really nicely, and it doesn't have a big nap, so it won't get caught on anything or rub too much when it's in your bag. For the couch, Impressions, Vineyard Silk Classic, or Pepper Pot Silk would look really stunning.

If you're wondering what to get a friend or loved one (or even yourself) perhaps an Eyeglass Case would be a good choice! Check out the Eyeglass Cases category on our website. There's lots to choose from!

Happy Stitching!

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