Friday, March 1, 2013

Summer Dreaming

At this point in the winter we're thinking about summer. Beaches, Farmer's Markets, Sunshine and warmth! To get in the spirit of summer even when it's chilly outside we like to stitch canvases that
depict summer. The Sea Shells Tote to the right is from Julie Pischke. It's a beautiful tote, and not only is the design perfect for summer, but this bag would be perfect for carrying all of your summer weekend goodies. You can see the finished photo of it to the left. It is from Julie's website. She has a bunch of different samples of how it can be finished. It's great to see the different colors people chose for the background! It really shows it is an easy bag to customize.

When I think of the fruit that symbolizes summer I think of Watermelon. This eye-catching canvas by Melissa Shirley is so bright and cheerful.
The colors are so vibrant. I think that Planet Earth silks would be beautiful on this canvas. The shine from the silk would really make the fruit look juicy! You could also try some thicker threads or a special stitch to make the seeds stand out!

Last spring we had a rush of ladies excited about this painting of Bathing Beauties. Our painter Jia painted. The first lady to stitch it did such an amazing job. The entire piece was done with special stitches,
so that each surface had a different texture. It really helped distinguish everything and make the piece really special. We really like this piece because it celebrates all the different types of women you will see at the beach. Stitching this piece would definitely make me want to go for a swim! If you're interesed in this canvas give us a call at the shop. We'll be happy to help!

Another beach themed canvas is this adorable little Beach Hut by
Julia's Needleworks. It is a fun quick little project on 18m. It is 3.5 x 4, so this would be a great little project to either bring on a trip or finish in time for summer! It would look great either framed or as a larger ornament hanging on a door!

All of these canvases are really inspiring when you're wishing for summer. Give us a call at the shop if you would like to order any (or if there are links to the item on the website, you can also place orders through that!

Happy Stitching!

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