Monday, September 12, 2016

Reviving This Blog

Can't promise much, mostly want to just see if this will still work. Seems like search engines put a high priority on blog content, so that's got me wondering-- maybe I should blog again. I did it all last winter and the previous summer. Of course I had much to write about then but I think I can find a couple of things to write about again. Of course it will have to be stitch-related but that's okay plenty to write about there as well.

My current project 

So what am I working on? Well currently it's a Liz (Tapestry Tent) belt for Russell. This is the third Liz belt I've done for him in so many months. First it was a chameleon then it was a dragon and now Halloween. These belts are the kind that I like because they have little repetition on them. I don't care for belts where the same motif is repeated over and over or even where the same two or three things are repeated. I like the whole thing to be different from beginning to end. So I've enjoyed this project though it is taking me rather longer than I had expected.

My morning stitching spot -- okay so my desk isn't the only chaotic spot in my life!

This afternoon I'll be going to my craft room to work on some stitch guides for customers. It's easier for me to do that sort of work here (at home in Hockessin, DE) than it is for me to do it in the shop. Fewer distractions, plus I have more stitch books here than I do in the office (although with the needlepoint apps I have that is less crucial than it might seem).

Craft room
Stitching books

Anyhow, I've just finished watering the garden -- with the help of Winnie of course. I passed a lovely morning watching the Doctors (that one doctor is very cute) and Let's Make a Deal (also cute host but so much screaming!). Now it's lunchtime then stitch guides then maybe some outdoor stitching (such a beautiful day). Of course, I do have to pack for the Dallas show later today and then of course there is dinner (ugh) so I best be going.

My trusty watering assistant