Saturday, December 4, 2010

Finishing for the holidays and beyond!

Over the last 6 months, our finishing department has grown and become even more impressive with the addition of two of our employees, Nicole and Emily. Upcoming graduates of the University of the Arts, they have the artistic sensibility and talent to pull off any project you have in your head!

Another exciting addition to our shop are the hundreds of remnants of high quality designer fabrics we received from a local interior design company. Combined with the impressive talents of our finishers, these beautiful fabrics will make any needlepoint finish spectacularly.

A finished needlepoint that you've spent time lovingly stitching for a loved one would be an excellent gift, and we can take your already fabulous stitched project and finish it into something spectacular!

Don't forget that you can incorporate almost any of the fibers we sell into a custom cording for a pillow, ornament, or any project you require cording for! This will give your piece an even more unique feeling, as you'll be choosing the colors for the cording!

Come in and see our fantastic fabrics, canvases, and fibers today!