Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Wear the Art!

  Our painters have reproduced and created a variety of needlepoint pieces for our customers to wear.

The detailed horse painting below was inspired by one of this customer's favorite paintings. It will be stitched into a  handsome cummerbund for her fiance. How cool will that be!?

 Do you want to wear an art piece that is from your favorite artist as well? Send the picture to our painters at painting@rittenhouseneedlepoint.com. They will do an awesome job for you! 

Below shows one of the cummerbunds our finishers finished. They're great original projects that really help you stand out! 

 If you love fashion, you will find that our Mondrian styled bracelet can be a nice touch to your modern outfits. This is a must have accessory.You can wear it on many occasions.

Below is the bracelet with a design by Unique NZ Designs. That particular design is discontinued, but as you can see above, we can very easily design custom inserts for you, so that you will have your very own original bracelet! These bracelets come in Silver and Gold.

Do you like music, partying and art? The following Mummers belt was also designed by our in house painter. Eight mummers celebrating on your waist to wish you have a wonderful new year!

Not just you, but your dog wants to look different too! Find a picture that matches your dog's personality. We can paint a fashionable dog leashes just for him or her.

Below is a sample of how the dog collars are finished by our belt finisher. It's definitely a special way to accessorize your dog!

There are so many different options when deciding what to have painted just for you. Cummerbunds, bracelets, belts, and dog collars are just the beginning. 


Friday, January 25, 2013

Dress Up Your Chairs!

Our in-house painters have painted all sorts of chair cushions for our customers. No matter what shape or size your chair is, if you send us a template, and tell us what you would like to be on your chair our painters can dress up your chairs the way you want!

Below are some examples of different chair and bench cushions we've done for customers in the past.

We recently completed a project for a customer who sent us six images of Mackinac Island for her dining room chairs (see below for the images of each cushion!). Imagine how beautiful your custom designed needlepoint chairs will look in your dinning room. Also, if you have a very old antique chair you want to use we have wood workers who will help you to reupholster it with your needlepoint, so don't hesitate. Email your ideas to painting@rittenhouseneedlepoint.com

 Let's give your chairs a new look!


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Charming Needlepoint Accessories

Recently we realized that our inventory of great stitching accessories was getting low, so we investigated and found lots of really attractive and useful tools. Needless to say, we stocked up! These are perfect for gifts either for yourself or for a special friend!

This designer lanyard is both attractive and useful. It has a retractable reel which makes it really helpful for actual stitching! You won't need to bend at an odd angle or take it off to use the tools you have attached to it.

Another great tool for keeping track of your sewing tools is this pretty scissor fob. It's made with real marbleized glass beads. You won't lose your scissors easily with this charming accessory attached!

We got a good amount of new scissors in stock too! The four above are just a few of them! I love that they all have their own personality. They give your sewing box a little life beyond the standard stork scissor. 

This pretty little needle case is so charming! It is small enough to fit into a pouch with all of your other sewing necessities, and since it is magnetic your needles will not fall out or fly around in the box. 

Along with all of these great new products we received more scissors, magnets, scissor holders, and more! Come on in to the shop to check them out. If you don't live near Philadelphia and you like one or more of the great stitching accessories above give us a call at the shop for prices or to order now. Some of them are discontinued. Once they sell, they may not come back, so if you are thinking about getting one for yourself or a loved one, it might be a good idea to snag them now. They're so eye catching I'm not sure they will stay around for long! 

Friday, January 18, 2013

Stitch-Its Button Sweaters

We love Sweater and Cardigan ornaments, and Stitch-Its has a lot to choose from! We discovered them this past fall and made sure to order a bunch for the shop. Because they have different themes, they are great for many different people and are perfect little gifts or ornaments for your tree.

I love this adorable little sweater. The Elf buttons are just precious and really make this sweater so cute! I would love it for myself (and I'm a woman), but if you were going to stitch it as a gift, it could also be appropriate for a little boy. Try stitching it with Lorikeet Wool.

This little sweater is also really adorable and would be perfect for a dog lover! It would look great stitched with Merino Wool. It would help make this adorable ornament really feel like a sweater! I really love the buttons they add to their sweaters. They really are the perfect accents for these ornaments.

This music themed ornament is so sweet. Like all of her specialty button sweaters, the buttons on this piece really complete it. Try stitching this one with Silk and Ivory. Perhaps a little Kreinik in the white strip would add just the right touch of sparkle to make this sweater pop out even more!

This last sweater is one of my absolute favorites in this line. I love the little buttons. Pearl Cotton #3 would work great with this canvas, and a little Kreinik for the polka dots would really make this sweater pop out even more!

All of these sweaters are very cute, and would be great ornaments for the holidays or even to just have hanging out year round, as they aren't themed seasonally. Give us a call at the shop if you would like more information about these canvases, as they are not currently online.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Valentine's Day

Valentines Day: it is the time to give your loved one a personal and unique surprise. Our in house painters can help your sweet thoughts become true.

Do you have a love quote that is shared by you and your lover? Tell us what it is, and our artists can make your quote into an art piece.

The painted canvas before and after stitching finishing!

Remember our 3D flower program?  Our painter can also design a 3D rose for you. You can choose your own color and shape. If you sign up for our rose program, you and you lover will receive a needlepoint rose every month. In the end of year, there will be a vase with a dozen roses in your house, and they, just like your love, will last forever.

A custom painted belt is also a popular gift.  Shoot us an email with the elements he/she likes,  your and his/her initials, even your anniversary date.  We are more than happy to compose a fun belt only for you!

Women love accessories. Our store offers necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings, which can also be custom designed by our artists. Please email us at painting@rittenhouseneedlepoint.com to order a special gift for your special one.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Needlepoint Frames

Needlepoint frames can be a really beautiful way to enhance your favorite photographs. We have seen some really great ones here in our finishing department and love seeing how they match the photo being displayed. The Birds and Flowers picture frame above is by Alice Peterson, and we've seen it often here at the shop! It's a beautiful frame. Our finishers put it together. Check out the picture to the left to see how we finish the back of the frame. Sometimes it can be difficult to get needlepointed frames to stand up straight because of their weight and the way that they have been finished in the back. This one stood up straight and stayed that way, so it was definitely a success!

This Daisy Gingham Frame by Alice Peterson (who is also the designer of the frame above) has its own allure, which comes from its
sweetness. This frame would be perfect for a daughter or grandaughter's photo, or even a beloved pet's!

One of our favorite designers is J. Child. She has such a great selection of canvases. She has a really sweet drawing style. The frames below are an example of that. This Beach frame is one of our most popular frames. You can see that two different people stitched this one! I think it would be a great memento of a summer vacation.

Frames are a nice way to accentuate your photos. They can add that little je ne sais quoi to a photograph and make it a real centerpiece. Check out our frame section on our website. There are many different frames for all sorts of occasions and needs.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Monkeying Around

We love Monkeys! They have such human emotions that it's easy to see them in many different situations and in many different types of needlepoint, whether it's a belt, pillow, or a framed piece! Read on to see some of our favorites!

This canvas, which is called Circus Horse, by Melissa Shirley is an adorable canvas. It also has a lot of different details, so you could really embellish this piece with special stitches or threads! Try some metallics, shiny silks, wools and overdyed threads. Because there are so many different textures painted, from fabric, to flowers, to hair and fur, there are many different things you can do.

Sitting Monkey by The Collection is another favorite of ours. This canvas is perfect for someone with a little more of a traditional or conservative taste. This canvas would look great stitched with Silk and Ivory, but it would also look wonderful with Vineyard Merino for a more matte look.

Another of our favorites is this adorable Girl Monkey by Silver Needle. It would be finished into a large pillow or framed piece. Try some Angora, Wool, Alpaca, or Peluche (not Petite Peluche) for her fur.  The Diagonal Mosaic stitch would look great on her dress, and Turkey work would also look fabulous on her tail! There are many different options for this piece because it really is a statement piece. To make it really special, it really needs some specialty threads and stitches.

Animals are always a fun choice to stitch when you're looking for a new needlepoint project. Keep in mind the different animals you're really fond of, and also if you want to try some new stitches and threads. These are just some of the fun options you could try!