Monday, September 28, 2009

Fall Class List Up

We've posted the new class schedule and this time we've managed to get our act together and actually post the next three months all at once. Isn't that great?

We've got some good stuff planned too. A new Bargello class called Four Way Bargello will be held October 28 from 5:30-7. Bargello is easy to do, really it's just a bunch of straight stitches. Of course, four-way Bargello is a bit more challenging. The idea is that you have four designs radiating out of the center of the scrim.

The best part of Bargello is playing with color which leads me to another one-session class we are offering called Exploring Color on November 18 from 5:30-7. This class will be an exploration of color theory focusing, of course, on how it applies to needlework. I am still formulating the class in my mind but I am really looking forward to teaching it.

We are going to experiment with a lunchtime class. This is a project class -- everyone will choose a scissor case and we'll work them together, exploring different stitches and techniques and at the end of the class we will all have a cute, useful, unique and long lasting item to be proud of.

We are also starting another frog class. Our very popular frog class was a huge success so we are looking forward to building on the experience. I am looking forward to this class because I have not made much progress on my frog since the last class ended. Of course, I might just start another frog ... !

For beginners, we have scheduled basketweave classes for every two weeks and we've tried to pick different days of the week and different times of day so that as many people as possible can attend. If, however, you are not able to make it to one of the basketweave classes, you can always schedule a private lesson with me for $10/half hour.

And don't forget the Stitch-of-the-Week class which will continue to meet on Thursdays from 5:30-6:30 and Sundays from 11 am to 12pm. It's a bargain at $5.00!

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