Thursday, February 25, 2010

Focus On: Very Velvet

With this article I am hoping to start a new feature on the blog. It will be sort of a thread-of-the-week article but since we've used the "of-the-week" phrase way too much I though that I would go with something different. The idea is that we will feature a particular fiber and discuss its positives and how it might be used in your stitching. I thought that I would start out with Very Velvet by Rainbow Gallery.

Very Velvet is a popular thread in our shop. We actually sell the Petite variety of this thread as we find that it works well on both 13 mesh painted canvas (meaning it doesn't quite cover the canvas completely but to my mind it covers well enough) and 18 mesh canvas. You can also use the Very Velvet Petite to basketweave on 13 mesh canvas which is not something that you can do with the regular Very Velvet.

One strand of Very Velvet Petite is equivalent to one strand of #5 Pearl Cotton. The thread is 100% nylon and made in Italy. The line consists of 75 colors and Rittenhouse Needlepoint carries the full line. One doesn't necessarily have to worry about dye lots as the colors remain consistent.

Suggested stitches for use with Very Velvet Petite include the Byzantine (clothing), Cashmere (wallpaper, backgrounds), Criss Cross Hungarian (clothing) and Framed Reverse Scotch (Christmas presents, borders). Obviously one would use Very Velvet Petite whenever a velvet texture is desired most likely on clothing (coats, pants) and upholstery/pillows.

If you have not already worked with Very Velvet Petite I would strongly urge you to give it a try. Consider using it on your next Christmas themed canvas as nothing beats it for Santa's clothing!

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  1. Any special techniques to use when stiching with this thread?