Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Stitch of the Week: Crow's Foot

The Crow's Foot stitch consists of three individual stitches radiating from a central hole (the base of the crow's foot). Begin by coming forward and going down three horizontal canvas threads and to the right two vertical canvas threads. To begin the second stitch come forward in the hole two canvas threads to the right of where you came forward to begin the first stitch. Do a vertical stitch straight down over three horizontal canvas threads and into the same hole where stitch number one ended. The third stitch begins by coming forward two canvas threads to the right of where the second stitch began. Come forward and go down three horizontal canvas threads and to the left two vertical canvas threads. This completes the first portion of the Crow's Foot stitch (see diagram).

The second portion of the stitch consists of two additional elements: 1.) the insertion of a straight stitch (over three horizontal canvas threads) between stitch units and 2.). inserting a row of back stitches (over four vertical canvas threads) between rows. This row of backstitches will share the bottom hole of the "in-between units" stitches. Again, see diagram.

According Howren and Robertson in their book More Stitches for Effect, the Crow's Foot stitch "produces wonderful sleighs, fields, grass, shrubbery, gardens, roads and mountains" (p. 36). I would add that the stitch -- when done upside down -- would also make fine bird feathers.

The stitch itself can be done in one, two or three different colors while individual rows of stitches can also be done in different colors.

I would, most likely, use a natural fiber with this stitch -- wool, cotton, etc. I think that the use of a metallic thread would command too much attention and take away from the pattern of the stitch.

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