Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Cats, Cats, Cats!

The cats heard that our last post was dedicated to dogs, and insisted that we do one for them! I love cats. They have such personalities, and will let you know what they want! Luckily, needlepoint has a lot of cat related canvases to fulfill my cute cat needs!
This canvas, called "Cats at Home" is by Needle Crossings. I love it because I'm sure that's exactly what cats do when they're left to their own devices during the day. This piece is on 13 mesh, and I'm sure it would look great with a variety of threads! Silk & Ivory would be a great base thread, and then if you wanted to highlight certain areas, like the cats for instance, you could use a Furry thread like Peluche.
Another great piece, shown above, is by JP Needlepoint. This would be a really fun piece to stitch. I think it is an excellent opportunity to use some furry threads. We recently had a customer bring in a similar piece to be finished, and our finisher stitched some mono-filament on the outside for the whiskers. It looked fabulous! This canvas is on 13 mesh, so threads like Silk & Ivory and Planet Earth Silk would be great threads to use.
These cat coasters by Princely Collections are some of my favorites. I love the vintage illustration style, and the fact that they are small, and each one is different, makes it a fun piece to stitch! It will be a really quick project. These are definitely pieces that would benefit from using fun threads!
This piece by Ruth Schmuff is another favorite. I love Ruth Schmuff's style anyways, but this piece is really adorable. I'm sure my cat dreams of catching fish and birds!
If you're looking for a cat collar, this collar by Voila is really sweet. Stitching a collar is a great way to personalize your cat's accessories. As I mentioned in the post about dog canvases, our belt finisher does belts, collars, and leashes. He does a great job, and will be able to finish this or any collar you would like superbly. If any of these canvases appeal to you, and there isn't a link to them on our website, you can order by phone. Give us a call at the shop and we'll be able to put together and order for you. Also check out our website. We have lots of cat canvases to choose from!

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