Saturday, May 12, 2012

Gone to the Dogs

We love dogs. Big dogs, little dogs, pretty dogs, ugly dogs. Come one, come all! Luckily for us it seems like the needlepoint community shares our love of these furry friends! From collars, to leashes, pillows, signs, and more, there are many different needlepoint canvases and products to choose from if you'd like to stitch man's best friend.

Barbara Russell is a very well known local needlepoint designer who excels in painting dogs. We have a number of her dog canvases, and they've been favorites for many people. The Westie shown at the top is one of her canvases, as well as the English Setter on the right. It is one of my absolute favorites, not because I have a particular interest in English Setters, but just because I love the way she captured the dog's gaze, and the lovable quality this dog possesses. Don't you just want to pat his head? In all of her canvases she also incorporates interesting patterns in the background. These always go to highlight the qualities that the dog featured possesses. The colors are captivating, and I could see using some fun threads to stitch pieces like this!

If you're looking for a funky kind of canvas, perfect for a child's room, the canvas below, titled "Running Dog on Yellow" by Patti Mann is an excellent option!
This canvas has such fun colors, and a great illustration style. It's on 13 mesh, and it looks mostly stitch painted, so it should be a great project for someone who's done at least one needlepoint piece before. I bet a child would like this piece in their bedroom too!

We also have a good collection of collars and leashes. The collar on the right is beautiful, also designed by Barbara Russell.
I love the beautiful floral pattern, and the colors are really stunning! This collar would really pop against a dark haired dog, but I'm sure it would be beautiful against a lighter dog like a Golden Retriever or Yellow Lab. Our belt finisher also finishes Dog Collars for us, and he does a great job. They're very durable and are sure to make a really special collar for your pet.
Leashes are also a great way to personalize your dog accessories. We have some really great ones! This fun dog leash by Voila is really striking! The red background would really stand out, and I know our finisher, the same one who does the belts and collars, would really do a great job! We love dogs and are so proud to have such a great selection of canvases that celebrate these lovable creatures. Come on in and check them out some time, or get in touch if you have any questions!

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