Friday, February 1, 2013

Children's Canvases

We've seen a lot of adorable canvases made for children: Winnie the Pooh, Beatrix Potter, booties, tooth fairy pillows, baby sleeping signs, and many more. The great thing about stitching all of these designs is that you can add your own flair to them, whether it's a fun thread or stitch, to how you finish it.

Last spring one of our customers had us finish a really special
project. Her granddaughter's baptism was comping up, and she wanted to stitch a pair of booties that her granddaughter could actually wear! The bootie pattern came from Danae Designs, and it was so sweet to begin with that it was no surprise that it finished spectacularly. As you can see to the right, we finished these with
an adorable elastic ribbon to secure the shoe on the foot, and Vicky supplied the pink ribbon, which our finisher gathered to fit on the front of the shoe. We've had slipper ornaments finished here before, but it was a first to have a pair of real baby booties finished. It was great to see them come to life, and I'm sure they will be a special memento for the rest of that little girl's life. We have another of these bootie designs in stock. You can see it to the left. Vicky stitched hers in Soie D'alger, so that is a definite option for stitching, but you could easily use a non-strandable thread like Pepper Pot Silk, Impressions, Vineyard Silk, or many others!

Another cute project came in our Princess & Me trunk show this
spring. It is this adorable little "Sweet Pea" ornament. The great thing about Princess & Me is that their designs are all really sweet, and they all come with stitch guides and pictures of how they look finished! This really helps if you don't know what stitches would look good with that piece. It really takes all the guess work out of it and helps you really enjoy the project.

One of my favorite Disney movies as a child was Alice in Wonderland.
Since then I've grown an appreciation of the tale, both in the original and Disney versions. There are a good amount of Wonderland themed canvases, but Labors of Love really hit the nail on the head with their Alice series. This piece is one of my favorites. I love her expression and the colors. It is also stitch painted, which makes the actual stitching part a lot quicker and easier. Any of the threads mentioned above for the booties would look great with this canvas. If you're feeling adventurous, you could also try some ribbon for the flowers as well as the pig's bowtie.

One piece that we all like a lot is this Bear Birthday Party scene by
Cooper Oaks. It really is begging for special threads. Perhaps something fuzzy like Peluche for the bears' fur, ribbons for the streamers, something shiny for the different patterns of gift wrap. Use your imagination and this piece could really pop (even more than it already does!).

There are a lot of choices when it comes to stitching something for a child. These are just a few of the really great ones we have in stock. If there's not a link to the website for any of the canvases above, get in touch with us at the shop. We'll be happy to give you some more info about that particular piece.

Happy stitching!


  1. Those booties are the cutest thing I have ever seen! What a wonderful gift for a special baby.

    1. Thanks! They were the sweetest booties we'd ever seen! We were very happy to be able to construct this special project for her. :)