Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Wear the Art!

  Our painters have reproduced and created a variety of needlepoint pieces for our customers to wear.

The detailed horse painting below was inspired by one of this customer's favorite paintings. It will be stitched into a  handsome cummerbund for her fiance. How cool will that be!?

 Do you want to wear an art piece that is from your favorite artist as well? Send the picture to our painters at painting@rittenhouseneedlepoint.com. They will do an awesome job for you! 

Below shows one of the cummerbunds our finishers finished. They're great original projects that really help you stand out! 

 If you love fashion, you will find that our Mondrian styled bracelet can be a nice touch to your modern outfits. This is a must have accessory.You can wear it on many occasions.

Below is the bracelet with a design by Unique NZ Designs. That particular design is discontinued, but as you can see above, we can very easily design custom inserts for you, so that you will have your very own original bracelet! These bracelets come in Silver and Gold.

Do you like music, partying and art? The following Mummers belt was also designed by our in house painter. Eight mummers celebrating on your waist to wish you have a wonderful new year!

Not just you, but your dog wants to look different too! Find a picture that matches your dog's personality. We can paint a fashionable dog leashes just for him or her.

Below is a sample of how the dog collars are finished by our belt finisher. It's definitely a special way to accessorize your dog!

There are so many different options when deciding what to have painted just for you. Cummerbunds, bracelets, belts, and dog collars are just the beginning. 


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