Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Stitch of the Week: Parisian Stripe

A nice and relaxing stitch this week. Parisian stripe is simply the Parisian stitch where the long stitches line up underneath one another thus creating a small space that can be filled in with short stitches in a different color. The Parisian Stripe leaves a good backing on the reverse side of the canvas. It would work well as a background stitch or as a filling stitch for large areas. It has the regular appearance of a geometric stitch and little texture therefore it is relatively undemanding and discreet.

The stitch is done in horizontal rows alternating one short stitch and one long stitch. The combination can be: short stitch over 1 canvas thread and long stitch over 3 canvas threads or short over 2 and long over 4 canvas threads. In subsequent rows, the long stitches are lined up underneath one another leaving a space that is later filled in with short stitches in a different colored thread or for a more subtle look in a different thread texture.

The stitch is easy to compensate and therefore works well in small areas. Possible thread combinations include wool with pear cotton or a variegated thread with a coordinating solid color thread. Because the stitch is made up entirely of Gobelin stitches it might be necessary to use more thread than usual for your canvas mesh size.

According to Suzanne Howeren and Beth Robertson in their wonderful book, More Stitches for Effect, this stitch works well "for grass, fields, shrubbery, trees, beaches, clothing and animal fur" (p. 54)


  1. That's a pretty one. I may need to use this for the background of my dinosaur pillow, using the light-colored floss I bought with a metallic. Cool. :)