Friday, April 23, 2010

Stitch of the Week: Paris

This week's stitch is the Paris stitch -- not to be confused with the Parisian stitch, a totally different animal. The Paris stitch probably ought to be called Tied Double Gobelin or Double & Tie as it is sometimes known.

The stitch is simple enough. It consists of two Gobelin stitches over four horizontal canvas threads. Both stitches are performed in the same row of holes and lie side-by-side. The final part of the stitch consists of a horizontal stitch over the two vertical stitches you have just made but also over two vertical canvas threads. The row of stitches progresses from left to right. Subsequent rows are staggered between the stitches of the previous row.

The Paris stitch has a good backing and is snag-proof (i.e., a good choice for a piece that needs to be hard-wearing). The stitch is most attractive in a single color but can also be executed in two colors for a striped look. Because both of the upright Gobelin stitches are executed in the same row of holes, a finer thread weight is recommended.

Because the stitch is slow to work up, I would use it as a filling stitch for small areas. It is also often suggested that the stitch has a woven basket look. Compensate the stitch with upright Gobelin stitches over two canvas threads (forget the tie down portion).

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