Friday, October 15, 2010

Great Idea for Shading

Ever wonder how to shade using non-strandable threads? Try checkerboard-ing. Stitch every other stitch/intersection in one color and then return with a second color and stitch the open areas. It is a simple concept but powerful too. You can combine checkerboard-ing with thread blending "in the needle" and add a whole new dimension to your shading.

Checkerboard-ing works not just with tent stitch but with other decorative stitches as well (such as brick, alternating tent, etc.) However, it is most effective with smaller stitches because the effect is more subtle.

At first you may not enjoy the look of checkerboard-ing but give it time and distance and it grows on you. It's a great way to develop a color that you can't find, to transition between areas or between DYE LOTS.

Happy stitching!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Stephen, I liked the effect of does take some getting used to, but the suggestion to thread blend is great too!

    Can you give me some suggestions on how to stitch effective with overdyed threads like this new Krenik overdyed by Threadworks? What stitches do you do I keep it from always creating diagonal stripes?

    Thanks so much...I enjoy your blog!