Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Stitch of the Week: Trellis Couching

Trellis Couching which is also known as Jacobean Couching and Double Cross Trame'. It is a filling stitch which won't completely cover the canvas. This means that you will see some raw canvas. Like the T Stitch, which was covered in our last Stitch of the Week blog, it is best to use this type of stitch on a canvas with a color that matches the threads you are using. If you're using this stitch in an embroidery project, the color of the fabric would be quite important, whereas if you are doing this on a needlepoint project, you would want the piece you were stitching this over to coordinate. This would ensure that your colors wouldn't clash and the project would look great!

The Trellis stitch is great for baskets, clothing, angel wings, bonnets, fans, lattices, curtains, Christmas packages, kimonos and borders.

An idea for a combination of threads for this project would be to use overdyed for the grid, solid perle cotton or stranded cotton or silk for crosses. You could also use two values of the same color. use a lighter color for the grid and darker for the cross to make this stand out. Also try to opposite! This stitch really lends itself for being creative and mixing colors and threads.

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