Friday, February 8, 2013

How We Paint

If you've been keeping up with our blog you will have seen a few of our painter's posts about some of the services they offer. We don't mind talking our painters up because they really are very talented! They can take pretty much any of your ideas and make them into spectacular needlepoint canvases. 

Jim Boyle started as our head painter when our shop first opened back in 2009. He had the great fortune of being trained by Trubey Walker of Trubey designs. He was able to take those lessons and use them to paint many gorgeous needlepoint pieces. Since then we've gained another painter, Jia Qian. She is a very talented painter who Jim trained himself. Together they really make our painting services very reputable.

If you've ever thought maybe you'd like to have a piece custom painted for you, but weren't really sure how we do things here, I'm showing a sample of how we go from design to finished project. 

When you have a piece that you're interested in sharing with us and seeing how much it would be to complete the project send it to our painters at Jim or Jia will take a look at it and depending on whether you want the piece painted exactly like the photo or if you want an interpretation of it they would either give you an estimate of how many hours it will take and start painting after you give the go-ahead, or else they will do a sketch and send it to you for approval.

The sketch above is a basic sketch Jim can do. This was for the Declaration of Independence canvas that he designed exclusively for our shop. This kind of sketch would be helpful if you sent us a bunch of images and just wanted a basic layout done to make sure the composition is to your requirements.

The photo above is a much more detailed drawing on graph paper. This kind of sketch would be good if you wanted to approve all of the details beforehand. This kind of sketch is what Jim or Jia would use right before they started painting.

Above you can see the finished product and how it evolved from the first sketch to this beautiful piece celebrating Philadelphia's history! 

If you have any questions or would like an estimate of how much it would be to paint your piece please feel free to get in touch with our painters. You can reach them at You can also check out our painting website to see more examples of different painting projects we've done in the past and see the painting rates and different ways we can paint your canvas depending on your budget. 

We look forward to hearing from you!

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