Thursday, December 10, 2009

Frog Class Reunion

On Thursday night we had a reunion for the frog class of 2009. We had a good turnout including many completed frogs! Each was more creative than the next.

Martha Hurt, pictured here, stitched a Mosaic Frog (item 6356) from Julie Pischke for her grand-daughter Chantria. Jonne Smith completed Woodland Animals Frog from Edie & Ginger for her cabin in the woods. Other completed frogs included Michael McAlister's Ms. Key West (Julie Pischke, item #6359), Fran Dorfman's Baby Hanukkah Frog (item #15010) and Brit Traugott's Baby Ho Ho Ho.

Still-in-process frogs included Mindy Bogue's US Traveler Frog and Lois Kyler's Flora Frog (item #6348). And then of course there was your intrepid blogger's frog -- Imari Frog which sadly is nowhere near being finished (I can tell you more about this some other time).

Of course, the point wasn't necessarily to finish but rather to enjoy ourselves which is something that we all did with pizza, champagne and good camaraderie.

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