Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Trunk Shows Galore -- Online and Otherwise

The big news is that we've got three trunk shows in residence right now -- Tapestry Tent/Liz, Patty Paints and Brenda Stofft. The Tapestry Tent show is departing shortly (12/13) but what a show it has been. Liz, the painter for Tapestry Tent, is really an accomplished artist. Her canvases, particularly her Christmas stockings, are quite spectacular -- with lots of unusual themes and incredible detail. You can see the trunk show online by selecting "canvases" from the home page and then typing in the search box "Tapestry Tent".

Patty Paints features Americana-type, Colonial Era inspired canvases but she also has some more contemporary designs for Halloween and even Dr. Scholl's sandal toppers (a nice way to have a pair of needlepoint shoes that are more affordable to have finished than a full shoe). You can see the Patty Paints trunk show online by selecting "Canvases" from the main page and then typing in the search box "Patty Paints".

Lastly, we have the designs of Brenda Stofft in house until January. Brenda is a designer who we were unfamiliar with until a customer of ours asked us to purchase a couple of her pieces. Well, one thing led to another and we are happy to offer her line for sale. She has a wonderful whimisical sense of humor and you can see the Brenda Stofft trunk show online by selecting ... well, you know the drill.

Happy shopping.

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