Tuesday, December 15, 2009

New Colors -- Planet Earth / Silk & Ivory

The National NeedleArts Association is having its Winter show next month in California and in preparation for the show manufacturers and designers are releasing their new products. Brown Paper Packages, the distributor of Silk & Ivory, recently dispatched 4 new colors bringing their total number of colors to 220. Tilli Thomas, the makers of Planet Earth, also released their new colors -- thirteen new luscious colors bringing their total number of colors to 165.

The Silk and Ivory colors are Pewter, Onyx, Smoky Quartz and Straw. Silk and Ivory is a 50% silk, 50% Merino wool thread, made in Switzerland. It offers a incredibly soft feel, has a medium twist and a lustrous appearance. If you haven't tried Silk & Ivory before consider using it on the background of your next 13/14 mesh piece.

Also for use on 13/14 mesh canvas is Planet Earth, a 100% silk, single stranded thread. The colors of Planet Earth are wonderfully saturated and vivid. Their new color families include a fantastic array of yellow-orange from Amber to Persimmon (see above). Also released is a blue family that includes colors entitled Venus, Calypso, Poseidon and Neptune (bottom right) as well as a great new neutral family (Almond, Honey, Cashew and Dijon -- at right).

Here at Rittenhouse Needlepoint, Planet Earth is one of our favorite fibers. We recommend it all the time for 13/14 mesh canvas. It is affordable and wears well and as they continue to add colors it just keeps getting better and better.

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