Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Focus On: Hand-Dyed Impressions

Caron Collection's Impressions is a popular fiber and for good reason. The combination of 50% silk and 50% wool gives it a wonderful "hand" and the array of colors is extensive. The combination of silk and wool gives depth to this thread as each of the two fibers reflect light differently.

What could be better than Impressions? Easy -- Hand-Dyed Impressions. This gorgeous collection of 97 hand-dyed colors shares all the desirable points of Impressions and adds to it subtlety and sophistication of variegated color. The colors of Hand-Dyed Impressions coordinate with the colors in Caron's other lines -- Watercolours (all cotton) and Waterlilies (all silk).

This very versatile thread can be used in embroidery, cross stitch and needlepoint. One strand of Hand-Dyed Impressions is equivalent to one strand of No. 8 Pearl Cotton. On 18 mesh canvas I use one strand however some people prefer the fuller look of two strands. It's a matter of personal preference.

Suggested stitches for use with Impressions Hand-Dyed include Alternating Smyrna Cross (top left) for bushes and treetops using one of the many shades of green. The Kennan stitch (bottom left) makes nice grass. The Woven or Web stitch (middle left) makes terrific fields and Diagonal Fern (top right) stitch plus Hand-Dyed Impressions in some of the smoky grays or browns makes realistic looking mountains. My favorite stitch with this thread is however the French Knot (bottom right). It makes terrific flowers (especially in the lavender hues) and also curly hair using the brown or straw colors.


  1. Although I don't care for Impressions, the Caron overdyes are the finest on the market, I think - with the colors in them and the subtle changes in shades and colors along a strand. I use lots and lots of Watercolours and Waterlilies.

  2. Interesting that you don't care for Impressions. I certainly agree with you regarding Watercolours and Waterlilies. Unfortunately, we do not carry the Waterlilies line yet but hope to do so in the future. Thanks for sharing. Stephen