Monday, April 19, 2010

What I Am Working On

Well, I continue working on the "STJ" pillow that I shared with you last week. I've actually made some good progress though it is hard to tell in the picture. I have a long way to go. The diamond-shaped areas are a real bear! Just plain slow going. Basketweave is s-l-o-w that is just all there is to it.

I picked up another project this week (so what else is new?). This is a little Christmas tree ornament -- a silly thing really but for whatever reason it spoke to me. I got it from the Patti Mann trunk show. It's an underwater snowman of all things. Mostly I got it because I wanted to use a new fiber that we have from Threadworx. The fiber is called Legacy and it is one of these shaggy all-polyester threads. It looks just like seaweed which is where I intend to use it on the canvas. Also, I plan on doing the background in bargello using Crystal Braid, Flair and Overdyed Embroidery Floss (also from Threadworx). It should be fun.

Still not working on the Christmas stocking or the frog projects. Not sure what happened with these two projects. I was on a role and then presto my desire just left me as quickly as it came. I think if I can ever bring myself to return to these projects then I will pick up enthusiasm for them again but it's hard. So many great things to work on and never enough time. Also, these projects are both on 18 mesh and large in size so I think that has me discouraged as well.

No matter. It's all good. Life is too short to beat myself up over needlepoint.

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