Thursday, April 15, 2010

Stitch of the Week: Double Cross

The Double Cross stitch is a beautiful stitch as you can clearly see from the outstanding examples stitched up by intrepid instructor Mindy Bogue. The look of this stitch can vary quite dramatically based on the choice of thread. Use a thinner thread for a more lacey look and heavier threads for fuller coverage.

Begin the stitch by making Giant Cross Stitches across four canvas intersections. Then go back and insert Upright Cross stitches over two canvas threads in each "quadrant" of the Giant Cross Stitches.

Mindy altered the stitch thus creating what the class dubbed the "Mindy Variation" which is, in my humble(?) opinion, even more attractive than the original stitch. In the Mindy Variation, stitch sizes are increased. So, you make Extra Giant Cross Stitches over six canvas intersections and insert Upright Cross stitches over four canvas threads rather than two in each of the four quadrants. Because the Extra Giant Cross Stitch carries over six intersections Mindy felt the need to "tie" it down with an additional Upright Cross stitch where the two legs intersect. She did this in a third color which added further interest and visual appeal.

According to Suzanne Howren and Beth Robertson in their wonderful book, More Stitches for Effect, the Double Cross stitch is good for baskets and wicker furniture due to the stitch's woven look. They also recommend using overdyed thread in combination with solid silk/cotton thread for this stitch.

Note: the Mindy Variation has been copyrighted and permission must be obtained (and royalties paid) before using.

Haha, only kidding.

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