Friday, May 6, 2011

Accessories and Fun Quick Projects

I think some of the most fun projects are the ones that are the smallest and least time consuming. While completing a big piece gives me satisfaction, I think finishing a little project, which can even be used on a daily basis, is great! We carry a lot of different accessories which you can stitch inserts for, but Colonial Needle's Lee line really has the most variety of styles and types. There's something for everyone!

A great small project that you can use after it's finished is an ID/Luggage tag.
I love that these tags are so colorful, and you can interchange the insert if you want to, depending on your mood, or even where you're going! This bright yellow luggage tag is one of my favorites in the line. You certainly wouldn't ever mistake your suitcase for someone else's again in an airport! Also, it looks so stylish, with the animal skin print and the eye-catching color. A perfect insert for this tag would be this monogrammed canvas, which comes in every letter, so it's perfect for personalizing your own luggage tag! You can see this and the other Monogramed canvases on our website. These luggage tags fit the "BJ" canvases in the Lee line. You can double check whether a canvas will fit or not on our website in the product description. All of the Lee inserts should have an indication of the style and the corresponding bags will also indicate in their description which canvases to use.

Another project that is a lot of fun are the mini leather gift boxes. They all come in fun, bright colors and also correspond with "BJ" canvases. This piece is a project a customer recently brought in to have finished into the gift box. I love it! The color choices are perfect, and the stitches and beads just really add so much dimension and really make this piece extra quirky and fun. This customer chose the red gift box, which goes perfectly with her color scheme, but this lime green box is really eye catching as well. A great choice for an insert would be this Lotus flower print. It has some beautiful vibrant colors, and the bright green of the gift box would really bring them out and highlight them. By using special stitches and fibers, you can really make a canvas pop. For a gift box, I think that's even more impressive and would really leave a lasting impression on anybody you were giving the box to!

A charming little item we just received is this little heart shaped music box by Amanda Lawford. When the box opens, it plays a dainty little song, and would be a lovely gift. A canvas we received that fits this box perfectly is of a pretty little butterfly, also in a heart shape. This would be fun to stitch and would be a perfect canvas to try out some of the new fibers we've
received in the last couple months. We got some beautiful silks and metallic fibers which would really make this butterfly shine in this little box. This would be a special gift for any little girl.

All of these projects are great little projects that would be a fun diversion from a large piece. Of course they're great regardless of their size just because they'll be great pieces for gifts or as decorations and accessories! If you check out our website and can't find an insert that you love, you can always have our painter, Jim, do a custom piece specially for you.

Keep an eye on our blog for future posts about fun smaller projects and inserts!

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