Saturday, May 14, 2011


Needlepoint purses are a lot of fun. They give you the chance to stitch a really fun piece that could potentially incorporate some great stitches, unique fibers, and give you a final product that is really tailored to you! You definitely won't find another person who has the same purse as you!

One fun little project that would be a great introduction to making bags and purses would be this adorable little coin purse. This purse would be an excellent choice as a little purse for a little girl, or if you had one painted by our painter in a more mature pattern, you could use it yourself as a coin purse! When we asked our in house stitcher to stitch one of these as an example, we were all enthralled with the result! As you can see, this pattern is adorable, and the finishing just makes it perfect! Whether you choose to have a chain or not, this tiny little purse is wonderful. We have about seven coin purses design in stock right now, and they each have different patterns. One of them is this bubblegum pink one, which is extra adorable with its little hearts!

Another great option, which would be for a more experienced and adventurous stitcher, would be this lovely vintage inspired purse. It is very pretty! One side, shown here, has this charming blue flower. The other side of the purse has a sweet butterfly! This canvas, from Sew Much Fun, has a stitch guide which you can also purchase, which gives you great ideas on different stitches and threads you can use to really make this purse shine!

If you like clutches, this beautiful floral clutch is a great choice! I think the contrast of the black background, which makes this clutch be a perfect choice for a more formal bag, really makes the saturated pinks, reds, and greens really pop. Here is a picture of a similar pattern in this same style, finished. It really comes out to be a stunning bag when it's all stitched and sewn. Like most other bags, this one would be a fun one to experiment with different fibers to really make it unique. A little sparkly and/or shiny thread would go a long way to make this bag even more stunning!

All of these bags are fun and have differences which make each one special in their own way. Whether you want a little purse for a child, or you want a casual or really fancy bag, you can definitely find one! These help combine your love for purses with needlepoint!

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