Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Quick Projects Part Two

This is the second half of our earlier post about accessories and quick projects. Like I mentioned previously some of my favorite projects are ones that I can use in a day to day basis.

A Kindle Cover is a very good example of a project where you would stitch an insert that can be interchanged depending on your mood! This Kindle cover is a nice neutral color, and depending on your mood, gender or
personal taste, you can really do anything! A great insert that would fit in this book cover would be this geometric print to the right. It is in the BD style by Colonial Needle. If you look through Colonial Needle's canvases on our websites, you can check the item descriptions and double check that a particular insert fits your book cover. This e-book cover is by Lee and also comes in a few other colors.

A pretty little kit that comes almost complete is this coin purse. The design is lovely, and although it does not come with threads, the backing fabric is micro- suede, which makes up for it! Many of the threads we've received in the last couple months would look excellent in this kit. The different lines from Rainbow Gallery that we've received, including Petite Peluce and Neon Rays Plus would look beautiful. The silks also have many different gorgeous colors and would make this coin purse really special. Princely Collections is the designer, and we carry more of these coin purses as well as eye glass cases, scissor cases, and more from them. They are all unique and high quality!

Another great example of a quick project would be an insert for a credit card holder. These credit card holders by Colonial Needle are really nicely constructed, and the coordinating inserts are really great. A great insert, that would be perfect for either male or females, is this golf themed canvas. There aren't that many colors, which makes it a cinch to pick colors for, and would also be a quick stitch. All of the inserts that Lee by Colonial Needle produces are really classy and fit many different
people's tastes. Your likely to find something for anyone!

Of course, like mentioned in the previous post, if you don't find an insert that you absolutely love, you can always have one custom made by our painter! I hope these posts have shown you some of the great smaller projects we have available and have stirred your interest! If you have any questions about any of the products mentioned, don't hesitate to get in touch! We'll be happy to help!

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