Saturday, March 27, 2010

Focus On: Silk Lame Braid 13

Perfect for 13 mesh canvas, Silk Lame Braid 13 is a lustrous silk blend from Rainbow Gallery. It comes in 44 colors and Rittenhouse Needlepoint carries the full line. The thread is made in the USA and comes in 8 yards lengths on cards.

The thread is truly a braid of silk strands with blending (also known as metallic) filament. It has a wonderful hand and the metallic gives the thread an elegant sparkle.
The braid will separate easily so it is best to use short lengths (maximum 15") and a larger needle than normal to help force the mesh hole open so that there is less abrasion on the thread.
Recommended stitches for use with Silk Lame Braid include the Diagonal Mosaic (for water and skies), Ermine (for a lacy background look) and Kennan (also recommended for water and sky).

Silk Lame Braid comes in a number of different shades of blue so it would be good, as mentioned above, for water (either deep water or tropical) and skys. Also there are a number of pretty pinks and reds that would work for lame fabric clothing and the white could be used for snow.

Silk Lame Braid also comes in size 18 for use with 18 mesh canvas.


  1. This is one of my favorite threads. I use it with Vineyard Silk (my most favorite thread). They look beautiful together!

  2. Thanks Barbara. Good to hear from you. Stephen

    PS -- I love Vineyard Silk too and I will have to try the two together -- good idea. S