Sunday, March 21, 2010

Stitch of the Week: Moorish

The Moorish stitch is essentially the diagonal scotch with tent stitches in between. Moorish offers good coverage and is relatively easy to compensate. This stitch has a pretty texture even when just using one color, but using two colors or two types of threads really takes full advantage of the stitch. Moorish is good for rooftops, sky, mountains, fields, gardens, clothing, and backgrounds.

Here I have used #3 pearl cotton on 18 mesh canvas, dark green for the diagonal scotch and light green for the tent stitch. There are two ways to stitch Moorish: 1. Stitch all the diagonal scotch first, then the tent stitches; 2. Stitch it in order so that you are switching colors and stitches as you go. Play around with it and see which way is easier for you and gives you the look you want. For instance, it may seem easier to stitch all the diagonal scotch areas first, but it could lead to counting mistakes for the row left empty for the tent stitches.
There are also variations of this stitch, Wide Moorish to the left (instead of a tent stitch use a slanted Gobelin over two threads), and Giant Moorish to the right (Scotch stitch is one thread larger than the standard Moorish, with a tent stitch). Make sure you have a large enough stitching area so that you can really see the pattern of these stitches take shape.

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