Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Needlepoint Clocks

We recently discovered some needlepoint clocks designed by Zecca and are so excited about them that we wanted to share them with you and also let you know about a class we have coming up where you can purchase your own and stitch it!

The one we have in the store, which is shown to the right, has a lot of great stitches that really make the already fun design even more eye-catching!

Zecca also has other designs for clocks, one of which is below. It is called the "Leaf Clock" and is fabulous! The colors are great, and the frame they finished it with gives the best final touch! We have placed an order for it, and it will be in store soon!

Of course, if you are interested in participating in the class, or just would like to do a needlepoint clock yourself, but don't see one that strikes your fancy, you could always have our custom painter make one for you! This would be the perfect way to accent your room using imagery that you love and colors that coordinate with your room's design!

While we don't have a date set up for the class yet, once we have at least 6 participants we'll choose a date and time and notify everyone who has expressed interest. Give us a call, email or come in to the shop and check out the clock we have stitched and on display and learn more about this really fun class!

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  1. I like the leaf clock -- very nice! Why don't people comment more often? I don't understand that. Stephen