Friday, January 14, 2011

Needlepoint in 3D!

There are so many great things you can do with needlepoint nowadays! Needlepoint has definitely come a long way. We have many canvases but some of the most fun to look at and stitch are 3D. It seems that Needlepoint designers are catching on to the trend because there are so many new designs to choose from. The hard part is choosing just one!

This past spring we had a trunk show of Edie & Ginger canvases. In the trunk show was a particularly adorable pig. Her name is Rosebud the pig. We decided to keep the stitched canvas to show as an example and encourage people to try 3D stitching, and before we knew it we had 8 people sign up for the class! We've developed it into a year long class, and have currently gone through 7 lessons. In a few months the project will be complete, and everyone will begin to bring their finished pigs, all of which are made with different threads to make each even more unique.

In addition to the pig, Edie & Ginger also has a large selection of 3D frogs. They're all fun and colorful!

Wendy, our store manager as well as an experienced stitcher is taking over the class for the month of February, as Stephen, the instructor, is out of town with Russell enjoying a much needed vacation. Wendy says stitching the canvases is fun, and I know from watching Stephen and the other class members stitch during the classes, that each piece is unique and exciting!

Besides the Edie & Ginger trunk show, we've also had a trunk show by Sew Much Fun. They had primarily 3D canvases, which were all very cute and fun! The majority of the students who participated in our 3D class this fall chose a project from that trunk show, and all of them had a lot of fun in the process! To the right is Penelope Poodle. Isn't she sweet!?

They also had fabulous Christmas ornaments, one of which is the girl ornament to the left. In addition to the girl elf, they also had a red headed boy, a mouse, reindeer, santa, a snowman and snow-woman and more! For sheer volume, Sew Much Fun definitely has the most 3D canvases that we've seen in one place! These great canvases will be up on the website shortly, but if you are interested in seeing the rest, don't hesitate to come in to the shop and see them or you can call!

Patti Mann is another designer who has an abundance of great 3D canvases. She has a great assortment of pudgies and 3D animals, including the Pudgie Bunny seen here.
One of our newest and favorite designers is Canvas Candy. They make wonderful ornaments. When you purchase a set, you get a beautiful glass ornament and then a needlepoint canvas of the same subject. For instance, they have done many different types of food, from truffles, to cheesecake, to pizza, to burgers and fries! See the example of how the glass ornaments look next to the needlepointed version! If you don't look closely, you may not be able to tell which one is which!

With all of these choices, you can see why it's so difficult to choose just one!

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