Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Here at Rittenhouse Needlepoint, we love to give classes on Needlepoint and stitching. Our most common and frequent classes are: the Free beginner's class every Saturday morning at 10 am, and the $5 Stitch of the Week class, which directly follows the beginner's class, at 11 am every Saturday. We also always offer the option of having a private lesson with one of our teachers on the subject of your choice, whether it is learning to needlepoint, learning new stitches, learning how to use different stitches in a piece you're currently working on, or other types of stitching, such as embroidery, cross-stitch, stump-work, ribbon embroidery, and etc. These classes are all $20 for every half hour.

The Stitch of the week class is a great way to come and learn an entirely new stitch every week for only $5! Not only do you learn a new stitch, but you get to enjoy the friendly atmosphere that comes along with being taught in a small group of needlepoint lovers. :) We always offer tea and/or coffee to our customers to encourage relaxation (although the stitching is enough to relax most anybody by itself!). As you can see to the right, Mindy, our Stitch of the week teacher, is teaching a student a fun new stitch. You get a piece of canvas, thread, a print-out, and instruction and a patient and friendly teacher to teach you what you need to know to master the new stitch.

One of the fun group classes we offered was a class on how to make a Temari ball. It is a traditional Japanese ball that is wrapped with beautiful colored string and given traditionally at New Years. We recently made them for a charity auction and after customers exclaimed that they too would like to make one, we gladly offered a class! As you can see, Wendy, our store manager, taught the class, and the results looked fabulous!

These balls were so easy to get a hang of, and really looked beautiful once they were stitched up. Another great thing about them was that you could use pretty much any fiber. It really didn't work with slippery threads, but cottons, silks, and wools looked great, and for an extra splash of excitement, we added Kreinik to them as well! It was a great way to use up some of the skeins of thread we had in our stashes!

If you're interested in coming in for the beginner's class, stitch of the week, or are interested in learning more about a private class or the classes we have on schedule you can come into the store and we'll be glad to tell you all about them! You can also check out the calendar on our website. You don't need to make an appointment for the beginners and stitch of the week classes, so just as long as you come at exactly 10 (for the beginners class) or 11 (for the s.o.w. class), on saturdays, you'll be able to enjoy the experience too!

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