Saturday, February 5, 2011


Cross stitch is a very popular stitching pastime. It's similar to needlepoint except that the stitches are all "x's." Coming up we have a great class with Mindy, our resident cross-stitcher. This class is for beginners. You'll be stitching an adorable cat and dog. They're simple and very cute, the perfect project for a beginner.

The cross stitch on the right is a very adorable message piece by Penelope Waits. Because it's in one color it would be a very good choice for a beginner, and the added benefit is that it's also very cute! It would finish into a nice framed piece or pillow.

Another example of what a cross-stitched piece could look like is the piece to the left. It incorporates the old-fashioned practice of painted silhouette portraits, except this is a cross-stitch silhouette! Because this is also only one color, it would be another excellent choice for a beginning cross-stitcher. This canvas is from the online store What Delilah Did however if you were interested in creating one of these silhouette portraits for yourself, of yourself or someone you know, our custom painter Jim can create charts, and would be able to use a photo you supply to do one for you!

For those of you who have cross-stitched before and yearn for something a little more detailed, something like the piece to the right (stitched by Becky) would be a great choice. The primitive style of design used in this piece reminds me of samplers, one of the most common cross-stitch pattern types. This piece, as you can see is an excellent small pillow. It would be great as an accent on your couch or mantel. Once again, there are many patterns similar to this available on the market, but ify ou have an idea for one that you would like to create, Jim would be able to create a chart for you and either he or our staff would be able to help you choose colors so that your piece would be the best it can be.

If you really want to challenge yourself, take a look at the piece below. This is a replica of a print called "A Young Hare" by Albrecht Durer. The chart is sold by The Scarlet Quince. As you can see under the magnifying glass, this isn't just a trick of the eye. This is actually cross-stitched! It's amazing how much detail you can get. Using this much detail would be a great way to transform your favorite master painting into a finished cross-stitch.

The beginners cross stitch class is $10 and will be held Saturday, February 19th from 3:30-4:30. The fee will include the materials and instruction. We hope you'll be able to make it and take advantage of this wonderful beginners class!

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