Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Focus On: Vineyard Silk Classic

Vineyard Silk Classic is a really luscious thread and one of my all-time favorites. It is 100% silk, imported from China and non-strandable. One strand is equivalent to one strand number five pearl cotton.

In our shop, we recommend Vineyard Silk for use with 18 mesh canvas. It is our "go to" fiber for when we want the look of silk on 18 mesh but without the bother of stranding/plying. The manufacturer as well as other needlepoint shops maintain that it can be used with 13/14 mesh. I think that it does work with diagonal stitches such as tent stitch on 13/14 mesh painted canvas.

Diagonal stitches look particularly lovely with this thread as it reflects light so well. Recommended stitches for use with Vineyard Silk Classic include Basketweave, Diagonal Mosaic (sky, water, background), Nobuko (snow, water), Cashmere (architectural details) and Brick (lawns, bark).

Rittenhouse Needlepoint carries the full line of Vineyard Silk Classic. The thread is sold in 30 yard skeins. There are 210 colors. The line is particularly strong in pinks, greens and blues. The company has recently released several new colors about which I will write soon.

Two of my favorite characteristics of Vineyard Silk Classic are 1) the fact that it does not unravel and 2.) it does no pill. Combined with the lustrous sheen and the durability of silk, I heartily recommend Vineyard Silk Classic.

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  1. could I use this fiber on a piano bench seat canvas? Our piano gets heavy usage.