Saturday, March 19, 2011


Basketweave is one of the two most basic needlepoint stitches. We always recommend our beginners to start with the Continental stitch, and Basketweave is the next step. Unlike Continental stitch, which is stitched on a horizontal row, Basketweave is stitched diagonally. Check out the diagram on the right, which shows exactly how to stitch in Basketweave.

Basketweave is a good stitch to use when you are filling in large areas of space. It is a good strong stitch because it creates a woven pattern, hence the name "basketweave", on the back of the canvas, which gives the canvas durability and ensures your canvas will be strong. Although most canvases need to be blocked after stitching is completed because distortion happens with stitching, Basketweave distorts the canvas less than other stitches. This is another plus to using this key stitch. The picture to the left shows what the stitches look like when they are stitched.

If you are interested in learning this stitch and would like to join us in our bi-weekly class. This class happens on saturdays from 4:30-5:30 pm. It costs $5 and includes canvas, thread, instruction, conversation and beverage! The next class on this important stitch is on March 26th. If you would like to learn the Continental stitch, which we recommend as your first stitch, you can come to our weekly free beginners class! These happen every saturday at 10 am sharp and include canvas, thread, and instruction! We hope to see you soon!

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