Saturday, March 12, 2011

Summer time!

We can tell by the slightly warmer weather that summer is well on its way. If you were thinking about stitching something for the summer, now is the time to start! There are so many canvases that really exude the warmth and pleasure that summer brings that it's hard to choose just a few, but I thought I'd show you some we have.

Last summer we had a trunk show by Sandra Gilmore for Fleur de Paris. She had a lot of really gorgeous canvases, but her summer ones were breathtaking. They had such vibrant colors and a lot of really great details that it was obvious that these would not only look fabulous when they were stitched but would be a lot of fun to do. The canvas on the right features a villa with a field of lavender in what looks like Tuscany. This canvas is simply gorgeous! It would look gorgeous with silks and wools. I can invision this canvas becoming even more pretty with the addition of different fibers and using blending.

Another designer that does really beautiful landscapes, especially summer scenes, is Alice Peterson. The canvas Beach Cottage, seen to the left, is beautiful. For the more adventurous stitcher, using varigated threads and/or mixing fibers would really create great effects with the sky and water. Watercolors by the Caron Collection, is a great fiber and includes a lot of really beautiful varigated colors. These are made to really highlight the water and sky.

If you're interested in stitching a belt, which can be worn during the summer months, we definitely have a lot of those. Jane Nichols, whose trunk show we just had in store, has a lot of fun belts. This ice cream cone themed belt is so much fun and would really be fun to wear! The only downside would be that whenever you looked at it, you'd crave some ice cream!

For a beginner, the coaster on the right would be a lot of fun to stitch. It's catchy and the colors are a lot of fun.

Summer is a great season to embrace the warm weather, and these canvases really embody the fun spirit that summer brings.

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