Saturday, March 5, 2011


The upcoming Flower Show's theme is Paris. Paris is definitely an inspiring city, and a lot has come out of it. Needlepoint certainly has a lot of Parisian products, including canvases and accessories.

This fall we had a trunk show by Alice Peterson. She has so many great canvases, but her landscapes and village scenes were really impressive and looked like they would be a lot of fun to stitch. A few of them were set in Paris. The canvas on the right is called French Chef, and it's simply adorable! I love the details and the setting in general. It's a really warm canvas, and would be perfect in a kitchen or dining room.

Another set of Parisian themed products we carry that are actually French are sets of scissors by Sajou. The pair of Eiffel Tower Scissors below are of great quality, and the tassel is so charming! These would be a great addition to a personal stash of sewing supplies, but would also be a great gift for a fan of France and Paris.

For the cross-stitcher, we have a bunch of charts by the French company Reflets de Soie. The sampler below is designed by Ann Mitchell. It's so beautiful, and is a great traditional sampler. It is about 8 x 9, and is designed for 40 count cross-stitch fabric.

DMC released a number of little booklets called the "Blibliotheque D.M.C." The one titled Point De Marque has great patterns charted out, ranging from geometric patterns, to fonts, to pictures. This image of a suite of cards is particularly fun and would make a really cute stitched piece.

To stitch, we have the entire line of Soie Dalger 100% silk embroidery floss. This line of french silk has so many fabulous colors that no matter what you were going to stitch, you would be sure to have fabulous dynamic colors.

These are only a few of the French products in our store, but it's not hard to see why the Flower Show would have such a great theme. There's so much to draw on in French culture for all of the arts, whether it's flower arranging, painting, sculpture, writing, OR Needlepoint!

And, in the words of Mr. Bogart, "We'll Always Have Paris."

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  1. Paris, indeed! nice to see you're posting a little more often!