Friday, January 25, 2013

Dress Up Your Chairs!

Our in-house painters have painted all sorts of chair cushions for our customers. No matter what shape or size your chair is, if you send us a template, and tell us what you would like to be on your chair our painters can dress up your chairs the way you want!

Below are some examples of different chair and bench cushions we've done for customers in the past.

We recently completed a project for a customer who sent us six images of Mackinac Island for her dining room chairs (see below for the images of each cushion!). Imagine how beautiful your custom designed needlepoint chairs will look in your dinning room. Also, if you have a very old antique chair you want to use we have wood workers who will help you to reupholster it with your needlepoint, so don't hesitate. Email your ideas to

 Let's give your chairs a new look!


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