Friday, January 4, 2013

Monkeying Around

We love Monkeys! They have such human emotions that it's easy to see them in many different situations and in many different types of needlepoint, whether it's a belt, pillow, or a framed piece! Read on to see some of our favorites!

This canvas, which is called Circus Horse, by Melissa Shirley is an adorable canvas. It also has a lot of different details, so you could really embellish this piece with special stitches or threads! Try some metallics, shiny silks, wools and overdyed threads. Because there are so many different textures painted, from fabric, to flowers, to hair and fur, there are many different things you can do.

Sitting Monkey by The Collection is another favorite of ours. This canvas is perfect for someone with a little more of a traditional or conservative taste. This canvas would look great stitched with Silk and Ivory, but it would also look wonderful with Vineyard Merino for a more matte look.

Another of our favorites is this adorable Girl Monkey by Silver Needle. It would be finished into a large pillow or framed piece. Try some Angora, Wool, Alpaca, or Peluche (not Petite Peluche) for her fur.  The Diagonal Mosaic stitch would look great on her dress, and Turkey work would also look fabulous on her tail! There are many different options for this piece because it really is a statement piece. To make it really special, it really needs some specialty threads and stitches.

Animals are always a fun choice to stitch when you're looking for a new needlepoint project. Keep in mind the different animals you're really fond of, and also if you want to try some new stitches and threads. These are just some of the fun options you could try!

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