Friday, January 11, 2013

Needlepoint Frames

Needlepoint frames can be a really beautiful way to enhance your favorite photographs. We have seen some really great ones here in our finishing department and love seeing how they match the photo being displayed. The Birds and Flowers picture frame above is by Alice Peterson, and we've seen it often here at the shop! It's a beautiful frame. Our finishers put it together. Check out the picture to the left to see how we finish the back of the frame. Sometimes it can be difficult to get needlepointed frames to stand up straight because of their weight and the way that they have been finished in the back. This one stood up straight and stayed that way, so it was definitely a success!

This Daisy Gingham Frame by Alice Peterson (who is also the designer of the frame above) has its own allure, which comes from its
sweetness. This frame would be perfect for a daughter or grandaughter's photo, or even a beloved pet's!

One of our favorite designers is J. Child. She has such a great selection of canvases. She has a really sweet drawing style. The frames below are an example of that. This Beach frame is one of our most popular frames. You can see that two different people stitched this one! I think it would be a great memento of a summer vacation.

Frames are a nice way to accentuate your photos. They can add that little je ne sais quoi to a photograph and make it a real centerpiece. Check out our frame section on our website. There are many different frames for all sorts of occasions and needs.

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