Sunday, May 30, 2010

Focus On: Alpaca 18

Alpaca 18 is a great thread to use when you want to achieve a realistic look for animals, hair and beards. It is 100% natural Alpaca, made in Peru from the Alpaca sheep of South America. While primarily used on 18ct mesh, it also works on 13ct mesh if you don't pull too hard and want a light look. Rainbow Gallery produces Alpaca in 19 colors, 12 yards to a card. It is a non-divisible thread, and one single strand is equal to two strands of Patternayan wool.

Alpaca 18 is available in natural animal colors and offers a variety of choice for animals, hair, beards, and other natural effects. It can also be brushed with a Bunka Brush or toothbrush to raise the nap a bit. When stitching with Alpaca 18, it's best to use shorter strands than usual so that it doesn't get worn out from too many passes through the canvas.

Some stitches/effects suggested for Alpaca 18:

Giant Horizontal Interlocking Gobelin (over 4 horizontal, 1 vertical thread) -- use for animal fur (cats, dogs, horses, etc.) see photo top left

Horizontal Interlocking Gobelin -- flat appearance (see photo top left)

Kennan -- animal fur (see photo top right)

Long and Short -- animal fur (see photo middle left)

Horizontal Parisian -- fuzzy animal, elephants, reindeer, horses, dogs, bird wings (see photo bottom right)

Velvet -- fuzzy effect, hair, fur (see photo bottom left)

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  1. hi. i really enjoy your blog and look forward to your posts and stitches. i have you bookmarked and when i open it up as of today, 6-17-10, it is still the May 30th entry here. i went to the store site and could not find a link there to go to the blog to see if my bookmark is just not updating properly. you are probably just crazy busy but i wanted to make sure i am not doing something wrong on my computer, too. thanks