Saturday, May 1, 2010

Stitch of the Week: Arrowhead

The Arrowhead stitch can be many things to many people. Our version of the Arrowhead stitch is essentially a Milanese stitch where the "empty" spaces are then filled with tent stitch.

For the stitch to be most effective, use two different colors. For a more subtle look, use two colors that are closely related or even two different types of fiber (overdyed + solid).

To stitch the Arrowhead stitch, begin with a regular tent stitch. Do three more diagonal stitches (over two, three and then four canvas intersections), each one beginning immediately underneath the last and each ending in the same row of holes as stitch number 1. The final stitch is a tent stitch which is positioned in the center of the over four stitch. Begin again with the next stitch unit, immediately underneath where the over four stitch began.

Start the pattern once again -- over one, over two, over three, over four, center and over one. When you have completed an entire row (or area), go back and fill in the empty spaces with Continental stitch.

The Arrowhead stitch is recommended for clothing, rugs, quilts, roofs, fish scales and border.

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