Saturday, May 15, 2010

Focus On: Impressions

Impressions is workhorse thread -- it comes in many, many different colors (approximately 230), always looks appropriate and is very versatile. Impressions is manufactured by Caron Collection. It is composed of 50% wool and 50% silk. The combination of silk and wool is a popular one. The silk lends lustre while the wool provides durability. Also, silk and wool reflect light differently giving greater depth of color.

Impressions is a single stranded thread with a tight twist. One strand is equivalent to one strand of Pearl Cotton size 8. On 18 mesh canvas use one strand of Impressions for Basketweave and two strands for upright stitches. For 13 mesh canvas use 2 strands Impressions for Basketweave and three strands for upright stitches. For decorative stitches on either 13 or 18 mesh canvas experiment with one, two or more strands of Impressions to create the look you prefer.

Impressions combines well with other fibers. In the photos here it has been combined with Splendor for Diagonal Mosaic (see photo top left) as well as Cushion stitch. Either of these stitches would make an excellent background. Other stitches for use with Impressions include the Kalem or Knitting stitch which makes for elegant looking knitted garments as well as Giant Interlocking Horizontal Gobelin (at left) which would be perfect for animal fur.
Framed Pavilion (below) makes elegant clothing.

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